Kim Kardashian KIMONO shape wear line

Haters gonna hate

I actually felt happy for her.

Kim Kardashian announced her new line of shape wear with excitement and that seemed cool to me. I got to know about it from hate news though…

The name of her new line KIMONO seems to have upset the haters of the net, but seriously what are people mad about?

They claim cultural appropriation, but I claim bullshit! This always happens every time someone on the spotlight creates something. She could’ve called the line KIMBODY, KIMSHAPE, KIMFEMME, or whatever else and get the same type of response.

People love to hate on people that create. Haters secretly wish they could be the ones that actually took their ideas and made something with them! instead they sit in their asses complaining about their sucky jobs while they keep scrolling through their feeds and hate.

I don’t think the issue here is that Japanese people are offended, I think more than anyone in the US the Japanese actually have a sense of what it is to live in a global economy where everything belongs to the world. It’s not like she is actually making kimonos!

The issue here is that we don’t like woman being bold and creative, we don’t know how to celebrate a sister that puts her heart into creating something that makes money. I bet you if she was giving away her KIMONO shape wear instead of selling it those same haters would add their name to her email list regardless of the name.

I don’t really know much about Kim Kardashian. I don’t follow her life or know about her past. All I see it’s a woman that made her dream come true. Can we put our hands together and let a woman go on with her business? Let her product speak, and ask yourself really? What are you offended for?

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