Understand your desire quote

What do you really want?

” Memory is central to the sexual self discovery of all three of her subjects. Until you understand your past experiences of desire you cannot understand yourself.” Lea Carpenter writes on her review of Lisa Taddeo’s new book “Three Women” in TIME magazine.

The quote intrigues me. I wonder if I truly understand the my own underlying desires, if I think I understand myself…

I like to think that I understand the sources of my desire now, like in the moment. It’s something that shifts and evolves. After all who are we without understanding those things that push us into action? Therefore my obsession with presence, mindfulness, philosophy and all things yoga lol…

I also think many things remain hidden. The things we choose to forget. Those things that continue to guide our actions sometimes in unexpected ways. I’d love to see how that plays on this Three Women book.

I knew I always wanted to feel beautiful, and interesting, and powerful, and nowadays I just want to feel stable and smart. I openly talk about what I want in terms of my profession, my relationship, but all the sudden now I am questioning where in my life haven’t I’ve asked: what do I really want?

I’m intrigued to read how Lisa Taddeo channeled the love and sex lives of these three women in her book. Sounds like a refreshing, contentious perspective in a time where we are finally waking up to the complex and exciting ways women experience desire.

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