Amanda Palmer here will would intermission

Girl crushing on Amanda Palmer

I have a girl crush on this singer and I have never heard her songs. Yet.

I heard her talk about art, and music, but mostly she talks about people and about the truth. She sees how the truth connect us and free us because she is willing to present it whole. Unedited, in the sublime rawness that makes it real.

Amanda Palmer talked about her miscarriage on the Tim Ferris show, she talked about her best friend dying, she talked about looking into the eyes of strangers, and how art is a job.

I love the way she takes her work and shapes it into a act of service for the whole world. It reminds me that in each of us there’s one unique perspective so valuable to everyone. That an idea can bring attention to the parts of us that need healing, in a world where is so easy to forget that the big problems we face are a reflection of what’s broken within us and the many things we are not willing to talk about.

I wish more artists talked about the truth like Amanda Palmer talks about the truth of what it means to be a woman, a mother, and a mortal. What would happen if we talked about our greed, and vanity, and fear?

She makes me feel like is ok to be scared. She challenges me to follow that idea I keep hesitating about because I think is too much or because I think is not good enough. She reminds me the value of what I have to say it’s that is real, she reminds me to stand for it, when it hurts and when it soars.

I like that. Thank you Amanda Palmer.

Now I’ll go, to listen to your songs.

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