Track this a way to trick ad bots

Which one am I?

I ran into this cool website called TRACK THIS for those sick of targeted ads! You get to pick 1 of 4 profiles and the thing will open 100 tabs that will fool the ad trackers…

The choices are Hyperbeast, Filthy Rich, Dommsday and Influencer. I wanna click through all and just find out what type of things people on those categories are into.

Me? First pick: Influencer lol!! Got 100 pages full of travel sites, yoga apps, sustainable clothing, make up, crystals and astrology, and you guess it more yoga clotes and make up… Maybe not so far from the truth for me. I should’ve picked Hyperbeast so advertisers would think I’m obsessed with streetwear, exclusive kicks, and the latest music. Sooo far from the truth…

Anyway.., have fun stepping into someone elses browser check it out here

Track this a way to trick ad bots

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