Kirby street mansion built by Jennifer Hamelet

Should I spend 8 million?

I respect the way different people have different ways to spend their money. Some people like me value not thinking about what they order at a restaurant , some other people value luxury brand clothing, frequent travel, or living in a French style mansion in the heart of River Oaks like the one that just got built by Mirador Builders.

The house has 6 rooms and plenty of outdoor space and I just wonder who will end up there. I imagine a sweet Jewish family with 3 kids and entrepreneur parents… but who knows…

I imagine they like to lit candles on Friday evenings and invite friends to play guitar and chat. I hope someone that values the beauty of an space like that does it because she values the moments, the human connections that can eventually spark.

I imagine Jennifer Hamelet, the house designer, thinking of each room and how the features will bring to life their purpose.

Maybe it’s not so hard for someone who values being at home to think it’s a good idea to spend 8 million on it. I know I don’t think twice to order that $60 lunch… I love food, now you know..

And maybe one day I’ll find myself asking: should I spend 8 million?

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