Seven of Wands Reversed Tarot card

Battles inside- card reads

Don’t you hate this when the battle is inside? trying to focus on getting your stuff done, and at the end of the day what feels important is to answer whatever existential question you can’t seem to figure you are supposed to ask, less answer.

Apparently that’s what this card means according to the Galaxy Tarot card app. I recently changed my settings to allow for reverse card interpretations and now seems like every card is reversed!

Which you know me.. I think is kind of cool because I get to learn the meanings in a different way…

Today’s card is the Seve of Wands, from the app ” The Seven of Wands reverse appears when there is difficulty standing up for what you believe in … or you may be standing up against negative inner voices in your head, persevering despite private doubts”

Hmmm… Perhaps pretty fitting for today.

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