Planet over plastic

Planet over plastic

Maybe in a few years everything will be different. The sun will shine over a vast clean ocean… I don’t know where I’m going with this…

It’s nice to dream.

Today I listened to Wailey’s podcast, he talked about traveling. Mostly about stop taking the easy way, to become aware and responsible for our actions. For the consequences. I never thought taking a flight was like kicking a pregnant woman in the belly… that’s a lot of kicks… I’m sorry Mother Earth.

And we act so surprised to find out she is dying, or stay in denial because if everyone is doing it, then it must not be so bad. I admit I’m too, ignorant and lazy, and too damn used to the easy way out. But if a guy from a small town figured it out, and with his being stands up to demand for more why are we not too demanding for more?

The toxicity of the planet will not end the Earth but it may kill us, and this epoch of life as we know it. Some other beings will find our fossils, but most likely wonder about all the trash that will outlive us. Maybe they’ll romantically think it was art. Some type of dumb obsession that killed us.

It makes me sad to think that’s what we are leaving behind. Corpses and trash.

I’ll think of that next time I think we are so civilized.

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