Vibrations guide

Ok… I’ll admit I’ve been slacking on my meditation. For as much as I talk about it I should have the discipline of a Himalayan monk, but that’s not happening this summer.

I wanna blame it in the cardinal energies of the sky, but that would be maybe a lie. I just haven’t.

So I’m jumping back in like usual, and it’s not like riding a bike. It kinda feels like starting from scratch. Well… not like ground zero… I still got the knowledge of the breath, technique, and enough mindfulness to notice being carried away by thought. It just doesn’t feel as simple and my mind feels sluggish and loud, so instead of practicing in silence I play these sounds.

I play them loud so they fill the room and I let the feeling guide me through my own body. The resonance vibrates and when the pitch changes I move to the next chakra. I get distracted but the resonance is always there as long as I’m paying enough attention not to miss the switch.

It’s simple. It works. Now my mind is clear.

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