A win for labor & yoga

Today the state of California passed a bill that would force gig-economy companies to reclassify their independent contractors as employees. woohoo!
That means a bunch of new people will have rights to benefits like minimum wage and unemployent insurance. That is just amazing!

Of course the bill was meant to affect mostly tech comapnies like Uber and DoorDash, but this is an actual big win for yoga teachers.
Most yoga teachers work at studios as contractors, even though they are treated as employees, they have to show up 15 to 30 min before class even though that time is unpaid, if they fail to show they can lose their class even though as a contractor you should have the right to choose not to get paid for your time, and of course there is nothing like time paid of, health insurance or paid vacation .

Yoga studios has gotten away with this business model for years, and for an industry that claims to be all about love, peace, and unity there is a lot of innovation that needs to be done so they can show those traits to their own people.

“There is nothing innovative about underpaying someone for their labor”- said one of the bill’s co-authors. AMEN!!

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