Hi lovely reader!

My name is Ena. I’m the author of Thinking in Public.

I’m a deep thinker, so I started this blog to get the ideas out of my head.

Mostly, I think about what it means to be human in our modern world.

I like to imagine what the future holds with the evolution of big tech. I like to remind myself that the environmental issue is something to act upon NOW. I like to question the shitty ways we treat each other for no real reason other than our inability to admit we are scared.

I like to propose ideas that reveal there are better ways to connect, respect, and love. Better ways to live. To be more human. Today.

So you see, I write about what’s happening recently in the world news, big tech, wellness, mindfulness, and my personal perspective about it. Not because I think my ideas are the best, most right opinions. I share because I believe ideas have the power to spark curiosity, and insight in unexpected ways.

I also hope I can hear from you too! no matter what your path of life is. Reach out! Leave me a comment, send me question, or connect with me on Instagram.